Online Reservations and Waitlist

Rotten Manor is excited to offer Online Reservations and an Electronic Waitlist!!!

Online Reservations:  

Rotten Manor Reservations:

Rotten Forest Reservations:

  • If attending both attractions you will need to create two separate reservations.

  • Please be sure to book each reservation 1 hour apart.

  • We are not able to offer online or electronic payments.  

  • Please be sure to arrive 30 minutes early to purchase your tickets.

  • Tickets must be purchased on-site.

  • Cash Only.  ATM Available on-site.

  • You will receive a text message to confirm your booking with a link to manage the reservations from your phone.  

  • You will receive a 2nd text message 2 hours before your booking to remind you of your reserved time slot.

  • If your preferred reservation time is not available we are still taking walk-in customers.  

Electronic Waitlist:

Rotten Manor Waitlist:

Rotten Forest Waitlist:

  • Customers will be added to the Waitlist when purchasing tickets.

  • Please confirm that you have received the first text to ensure you received the link to track your status.

  • Customers will receive a text immediately with a link to review your status in line.

  • Customers will receive a second text letting them know when they have about 10 - 20 minutes before it is their turn.  The live link will be included to be able to monitor your status in line.

  • Don't worry if you are late....just notify the attendant and they will assure you receive the haunt experience you paid for.

*Customers are agreeing to opt-in to receive text messages as part of using the Online Reservations and Online Waitlist. 

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