Rotten Manor Haunted Attraction



Tickets are sold on-site at the ticket booth only ~ Combo and Fast Pass tickets available ~ CASH ONLY ~ ATM ON-SITE 

What are your hours:
Manor & House of Wax opens:

Forest opens:

Hayride opens - Closed for our Christmas Nightmare Event.

Halloween 8-11pm

Please note: We stop selling tickets either at 11pm or midnight depending on the day. IIf you purchased your ticket before those times you will get a show.

How much are tickets?
Visit our website for more info.

Fast Pass options available!

Can you bring bags/backpacks?
No, we do not allow large bags or backpacks on the premises.

Can I wear a Halloween costume?
Yes, however you can not wear a mask or carry weapons of any sort.

Do you charge for parking?
No, parking is free.

Do you accept credit cards?
No, not at this time. We do not have wifi strong enough to run a credit card machine. We do have ATMs on-site

Do you have an age restriction?
No, we leave it to the parents discretion. However please keep in mind that once you purchase your ticket(s) your sale is final. We ask that children 13yrs and younger be accompanied by an adult 18yrs of age or older.

Can we take pictures, videos, or use flash lights?
No, in respect for our actors and their rights we ask that you do not take pictures or video recordings. We also ask that you do not use flash or any light form as you can take away from the experience not just for you but a group that may be behind/in front of you.

Do you have a refund policy?
Yes, there are NO refunds. Once tickets are purchased the sale is final. It is our job to scare you and we take pride in our work!

What if I don’t use my ticket on the night of purchase?
Tickets are good for that current years haunt season.

Is your haunt wheelchair accessible?
Yes, The Manor and Hayride are wheelchair accessible.

Is there a lot of smoke?
We use fog machines that are sensitive to asthmatics however can make it hard to see.

Is there strobe lights?
Yes, we have strobe lights in certain areas of the haunt.

Do you remain open when it rains/snows?
Yes, we will remain open.

Do you sell food or beverages?
We offer snacks and beverages in our concession stand. We DO NOT sell alcoholic beverages.

Do you offer group pricing?
Please call or message for group pricing. Group pricing starts at 20.

Do you offer kid rates?
Discounts available to children 12yrs. of age and younger.

If I get there at 10:30 can I still go through the attractions?
Yes, tickets sales end at midnight and all attractions will remain open until the last haunter completes their attraction(s).