Rotten Manor

Rotten Manor Haunted Attraction is a highly detailed and immersive Haunted Attraction that is approximately 35-45 minutes long.

Forest / Asylum

The Rotten Forest consist of a trail that leads you from building to building. It is about 75% indoors and showcases the Asylum and is approximately 35-45 minutes long.

House of Wax

NEW FOR THE 2023 SEASON! The House of Wax consists of scenes from your favorite horror movies.

Rotten Hayride

The Rotten Hayride takes you on a chilling ride through the haunted woods of Rotten Manor and is approximately 20-25 minutes long.

The Rotten Theatre

The Rotten Theatre which is an old timey vintage style Theatre. There will be a variety of immersive horror themed performances including a deep dive into who Mr. & Mrs. Rotten are and how they came to be reside at what is known as Rotten Manor.


Rotten Manor has a midway full of carnival themed games and activities for the entire family to enjoy along with a concession stand where you will find all sorts of treats along with the Rotten Merchandise.